life’s grammar fun

Did you ever ask your teacher, “Can I go to the bathroom?” What did they say?

Well, I had a teacher that always said, “I don’t know, can you?” It was so annoying! I later realized he was correct in asking me that, I just thought he was punking me!

So, now I’m teaching my 7th grade math class this lesson and they can’t get it! Either that or they just like answering a question twice…and junior highers can be gluttons for punishment at times!

Here’s the scene that has played out every single day this entire year…”Mr. G, can I go to the bathroom?” What? “Can I go to the bathroom?” Can you? (insert a frustrated movement on their part) “May I please go to the bathroom?” Yes you may!

Yesterday one of them asked me, “Why do you make us say that?”

I responded by explaining that asking if you CAN go to the bathroom is something you should take up with your doctor…are you able to pee?? They burst out laughing! I explained that saying MAY is asking permission.

Today someone messed it up and they all laughed, because they were imagining someone passing a kidney stone or something and the student quickly switched his word choice. Gotta explain it to them and it makes a lot more sense!!

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