a purpose…

I’ve been pondering about my blog lately…and we had a little talk tonight…

“Hmmm…blog. bloggidity, bloggidity, blog.”

That’s a funny word…     …blog.

“What are you doing here blog?”

“I don’t know…what do you want me to do? I’m just your own words.”

“hmm…good point Snoop Bloggy, Sir Blog-a-Lot Little.”

“I want you to have a reason and a purpose.”

“I feel ambiguous, uncentered, unfocused and disjointed, but what do I know, I’m just a BLOG!”

“How incredibly astute of you Sir Blogalicious. I feel the same way. Now where to begin?”

“You could begin by giving me some direction and organization. I’d still like to reserve a place for you to let your ideas run rampant and blabber on and on about nonsense that most people ignore. It’s good for you, but I’ll be what you want me to be O Master of the Blog.”

“Soon, you will be a solid blog, worthy of reading, like a beautiful, oak lined, vaulted ceiling private library. Or, at least just a kid’s bedroom with the toys put away and the bed made.”

So, I’m thinking about renovating this place…my little corner of the blogosphere. If only for my own sanity and organization. We’ll see what happens!

4 thoughts on “a purpose…

  1. Sometimes my life seems amblogulous, but it’s good to have some ambloguity from time to time.

    My favorite line of your post was, “That’s a funny word… …blog.” I can hear you saying it now and I’m laughing.


    Blog out MC Blogger.

    1. Fred- that’s the tough part- I’d like it still to be a place for me to ramble and share thoughts, but also a simple homesite where my school students/parents, private music students and worship/ministry friends and collaborators can get info and connect. I need it to be clear and simple, while aligning the few tracks my life is running on right now! Key words: music, ministry, education, worship…now to tie them together. 🙂 thanks for the reply!

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