no t.v. = freedom

We just completed our second week without television. While we still have the physical presence of a tv in our living room, it’s only for watching DVDs and antiquated video cassettes. Let me back up a bit. We are not on some weird lifestyle makeover or on a campaign against American Commercialism (although that could be debated) but instead the decision was just one of the many financial changes we’ve made since Emily lost her job. The economy has affected Emily once again, but she’s begun a fabulous graphic design business which already has a number of pleased clientele and more on the way. (way to go Love!) Anyway, living on mainly one income has led us to give up some “luxuries” like television. We never upgraded to an HDTV or bought a converter box, so when I say “no tv” I mean NO TV.

Let me just say it’s been nothing but unadulterated awesomeness. I love it. Truly and 100%. I thought I’d be sneaking into friends’ houses or watching through my neighbor’s window (haven’t done that Claudia!), but it’s been incredibly freeing. Do ever say these things: “Man I have to see that show!” or “What do you want to watch? Well, let’s just scan and see if we can find anything.” Then you end up watching something for 2 hours that didn’t add anything to your life, actually made you dumber and now you have no motivation to do anything. Come on, you’ve done that…I’ve done it thousands of times and it stinks.

I thought I’d be “working” all the time or having to “think” instead of watching tv. Want to know what is MUCH more emotionally/mentally/physically relaxing? Listening to music, cooking something yummy, talking with a friend/significant other, pouring a glass of wine, laughing and letting your mind wander. It’s like an ever-tightening leash has been torn away from my neck. Now I’m playing more music, going for walks, hanging outside, learning, reading, being creative, fixing things and just enjoying more of LIFE! Wow, there’s a lot out there to see and do (which doesn’t take much energy) that you’re taken away from by the television.

Maybe count the number of hours you watch television during the day. For one week just shut it off. Completely. 100% Just try it. Monday-Saturday. Do something else. See the world of your neighborhood. Heck, say hi to a neighbor and see what’s up in their life. Write a letter to an old friend. Watch the sun come up as you sip coffee with some peaceful music on in the background. THAT’S relaxation.

You may ask… Aren’t you missing it? Your favorite shows? The news? The funny commercials? The ball games? It’s actually absurd when you think about… Yeah I’m missing living another life through characters that live immoral lives and do stupid stuff. It’s amazing how fast you move on. News=internet. News on my terms from unlimited sources of my choosing on my time. Ball games are much more fun to watch with friends, so I’ve already done that at friends’ houses or the bar. Watching a game in a bar that everyone is watching is blast. Much more entertaining with the atmosphere as well.

Well, that’s where I’m at. I don’t expect everyone to follow suit, but I’m writing this just as much for my own history as for you to read. I’d love you thoughts. I’ve talked with 2 friends who have been doing this now for the past year or so and they love it. We’ll just have to see what happens from here!

2 thoughts on “no t.v. = freedom

  1. That’s awesome Seth…and i bet your brain is slowly springing back to life after being crushed by mindless hours of disuse:)

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