In retirement I’ll…

I’m only 27, but I hear that phrase used from people my age to the baby boomers who will supposedly turn retirement upside down as we know it.  What is this euphorian place where all your dreams come true?  Where if I put aside 15% or so of my yearly income I’ll gain the stock market average of 10.3% and be a millionaire when I’m 62.  Dang…62.  I have to wait that long?  I have to grind it out (now-I love my job, but I’m making a general point here!) for 40 years working extra hours to reach this pinnacle of life where all my dreams will come true and I’ll be able to do whatever I want and travel!  Travel…that’s a big retirement dream I hear a lot.  “Someday…when I retire…I’ll travel.”  Sorry to be morbid, but what if you get seriously injured when you’re 57 or you are too…OLD!…when you’re 62 to be climbing Mt.Kilimanjaro, walking the Great Wall of China, or hang gliding in Ecuador?  I just don’t understand this way of thinking.  Why can’t we find a way to enjoy life NOW?  We can, we just have to make it a priority…unless being adventurous and seeing the world isn’t your thing.  (Then you’ve probably read far enough and can go back to your Thursday night TV shows and comfy couch.)  I don’t think we need to wait until retirement to make the time to enjoy this world and life God has given us.   What’s the point of saving all that money anyway?  Yes…I’d like to enjoy retirement and not have to worry as much about money, sure!  But…what if my retirement depends on the current economy for dividends and capital gains to provide for my luxurious travels?  It’d be kind of hard at this current rate.  I’d like to know that I would’ve made the time to do the things I wanted to do throughout my entire life!  Find a passion and let God show you how amazing this world can be!

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