I’m not talking about romantic love, junior high googly eye love or even a love for a son or daughter. I’m talking about Christ’s unconditional, relational love that He asks us to share with others.  Other than believing in Christ as your Savior, I believe that our Call is to Love.  Love others, care for them, share your life with them, give wholly of yourself to them.  What else do we have when we have nothing left?  Just our loving Lord’s Grace and the relationships with people we love.

Today more than ever I feel loved.  I’ve always felt loved at Trinity, but on this last day of school, the love is pouring out.  God certainly knows what you need more than you do.  Just as much as they show their love, I want to show mine which is complete and full for all of these parents, friends, and students.  God has and is working overtime here and I know it will continue on into the future!

May God be with you all forever.  God is good.  All the time.

One thought on “Love.

  1. This post was really good. I read the one before it too…and to have a 6 year old hit on you….now thats something haha. Your blog is very interesting. Keep up the good writing!

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