Signs of Age…at 27

Do you remember ever hearing these things from adults?

CDs will never compete with records…You don’t even KNOW what a record is?…You’re actually BUYING something online?…Isn’t that unsafe?…You’re writing your schedule on your PALM?- oh, I knew it’s a computer thingy- what wrong with good ‘ol paper?…Before cell phones we actually had to PLAN OUT what we were going to do every day.

Remember those?  I think I’ve either heard them directly or had them asked of me.  Our generation has shown that these things have not only stuck around, possibly even become outdated themselves or are now necessary to know about.  I caught myself lately making similar comments…

“Text messaging…okay…it’s nice to use once in a while.”  “Ttyl, brb, lol, jjik, sslk, aaok, bdsc…wait I did I say something wrong?”  What the heck is up with these messed up shortcuts…don’t people actually know how to write anymore??  I guess it’s time catch up and ask my 6-8 graders how do to this.  I don’t want to fall too far behind…


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