HIGH & low

Have you ever done your “highs” and “lows” with a group?  Probably youth group, family dinner, staff meeting or camp…  You share your highs and lows from the day- good things and bad things.  I can specifically tell you the worst thing and the best thing I’ve encountered or experienced in the past 2 weeks.   Which do you want first?  Of course the bad…we have to end good!

low…rain.cold.dark.wind.ick.  That’s how I describe the weather in MN for about 99.99% of the time for the past 2 weeks or so.  I love light and now I know why God is the Light of the World…not only does it let us “see” but it makes you feel GOOD and ENERGETIC!  I hope it comes back soon.

HIGH…Pandora radio!  Thanks to my very good friend Thomas.  Thanks buddy, this has been an incredibly addition to my musical world.  It’s what I’ve wanted for so long!  I would consider myself very musically connected, but not always the person who “finds new music.”  But, God has surrounded me with friends (Dan, Soup, Phil, Phil, Zach, Marcus, and Thomas) who have pointed me in the direction of some sweet music over the years.   Now, I have a website to funnel me music that I like anytime I want!  It’s amazing…just check it out.  http://www.pandora.com        Genius!

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