The Invisible Church’s Hymnal

Before I jump in, let’s define what the Invisible Church is:  it has no denominational boundaries, walls, pews, banners, carpet, church constitutions, boards, etc.  It simply has a shared book:  The Holy Bible- and a shared belief: That Jesus Christ died on the cross for the salvation of the world and it is only through faith in Him you will receive Eternal Life in Heaven with Him.

So why am I writing about the Invisible Church’s Hymnal?  Because- if you go to any denominational church (i.e. Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Lutheran, etc.) you’ll sing a few of the very old, classic hymns we all share, but most will be specific to writers from your denomination.  It’s hard to sing with other Christians!  What’s happening today in Christian Worship Music today?  A few years ago, I noticed all of these bands were writing and selling TONS of Worship albums.  They became the thing to do as a Christian artist.  Some musicians WERE worship leaders turned artists (and many still lead worship at their home churches).  For example:  Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns, Caedmon’s Call, Third Day, David Crowder Band, Charlie Hall, Jeremy Camp or Chris Rice.  If you go to any Contemporary (I don’t like the term, but for lack of a better one…) Worship Service ANYWHERE, you will hear many of these artists’ songs being sung.  It doesn’t matter what denomination you were raised in, when these artists’ bridge the denominational gap, they have united the Worldwide Invisible Church of Jesus Christ upon a single catalog of songs we all know:  our 21st century hymnal.

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