These women are desperate?

I went to visit my parents today and after dinner, as my fiancee and I were picking out wedding stuff, Desperate Housewives came on tv. I guess my mom likes this show, so I figured I’d see what it’s all about. Kinda funny actually…but 2 things…I guess I’ve become REsensitized since HS and college, because all I really watch is SportsCenter, FoxNews, History Channel, and DVDs of 24 seasons. Plus, as a middle-school teacher I thought it was a little overboard when a guy stripped his wife down to her underwear on primetime public TV. Call me old-fashioned…oh well…you’re probably where I was…OVERLY DEsensitized. And number two- I don’t think they’re desperate at all…except for FOOD!! Maybe they should eat a little more and enjoy their posh, perfectly groomed cul-de-sac. Dang.

One thought on “These women are desperate?


    “maybe they should eat a little more” ahahahahha

    Ok…haven’t checked out your blog in a while and that definitely made me laugh at the end.

    Hope you’re doing well Freak Show!

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