Uh…Hello McFly!?!?!

There must be something in middle school where the hormones, body, and other things are going so crazy that their perception goes haywire as well…that is my theory…because I’ve experienced it firsthand.
Many times middle schoolers effectively utilize the backround noise of a classroom to get away with whispers while the teacher is explaining something. Yet, a new and fearless (and idiotic attempt was made yesterday)…as I was teaching my guitar class to 3 students and explaining a technique while playing it, the two boys started whispering and one was playing something totally different on his guitar. I stopped and said, “Excuse me- did you have something to share?” They stopped and looked like nothing had happened…HELLO MCFLY?!?! Turn your brain on and wake up…I’M ONLY 2 FEET AWAY FROM YOU!!! I think the combination of Mt.Dew, Doritos, PS2, hormones, and Ashlee Simpson have detached their brains from the rest of their bodies…and we pay for it.

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