I guess it’s about time…

I have seen the invention and shameless taste of Zubaz and had to slide myself into the wondrous world of Zebra-striped sweatpants. I had a tape player and never thought this crazy CD thing would take off…and yet I bought one. I was amazed and enchanted the first time I saw a colored computer monitor…and one day the “INSTA-NET” (thanks to Al Gore…God bless him) came to life in front of me. I embraced it fully and have been swept away in its miraculous wonders. Yet, I have kept my distance from this rage of blogging nonsense…and here I sit…writing my first post wondering where I went wrong. Well, here goes nothin…

4 thoughts on “I guess it’s about time…

  1. Seth in Zubaz? say it isn’t so…at least tell me that there is no photographic evidence of this.

    Zubaz are the devil’s handiwork 😉

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